Know our origins and our reason for being.

our logotype

The origin of the name of our logo

Washakie is the name of one of the Indian chiefs most revered by the descendants of Native Americans. The Indians discovered the universality of the circle due to its close relationship with the forces of nature. It represents the fostering, the home and the basis of life. Because of its physical roundness it is a reflection of the Earth, which welcomes us as a Great Mother.

our branding

The origin and meaning of our brand

We design organic garments in which comfort and simplicity stand out.

We care about the care of our children and the planet, that’s why the manufacturing processes of our garments are fundamental for us. Our collection is produced in Spain by 100% organic materials and with natural dyes or low ecological impact.

We intend to be a brand for real children, where the normal thing is to be different, so all our models are adapted for those children who have a special need.

The adapted garments are designed to be easy to dress and undress and provide direct access to certain parts of the body without having to completely remove the clothes, making life simpler.

Washakie offers creativity and independence fostering the game and the imagination of the little adventurers